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The Life In The Sussex DPPD Class

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8th July 2006

luv4shojo132:28pm: Whatever happened to Angela making some kind of bbq for the DPPD class? I am still up for getting together, everyone is more than welcomed to my place.

Anyone up for this idea?

1st January 2006

luckyducky8158912:47pm: It's pratically the end of vacation
Which means right around the corner are mid-terms
...Not good



Finish this up
for fun....maybe

I __________ Graphic arts.
Graphic arts is __________.
Graphic arts needs ___________.
I want to _________ Graphic arts.
Someday, Graphic Arst will ________.
Graphic arts reminds me of _________.
Without Graphic arts _________.
My memories of Graphic arts are ____________.
Graphic arts can be __________.
The worst thing about Grapic arts is ________.
If I could describe Graphic arts in one word it would be ________.

Current Mood: bored

28th October 2005

luv4shojo136:42pm: Typography and the 30 million fonts on the mac suck.

Anyone but me look at text and can't help but think... hey that's slab serif...

11th September 2005

luckyducky815894:17pm: If you're happy and you know it clap your hands

11th August 2005

wachn_angelzcry1:37pm: SCHOOL'S COMING FAST!!

27th June 2005

luv4shojo138:46am: Get Together
I think we really need to plan sometime to get together, maybe someplace close to the school, so that's it's not terribly far from one person or another?

Any ideas? Maybe we could do something more than just dinner? I'm up for anything!

3rd June 2005

luckyducky815899:50pm: um...
Final exams?
Am I the only one worried abot getting photshop and illustrator mixed up?
Well on the flip side
will all be in 11th grade soon.

Current Mood: crappy

23rd January 2005

partlyxcloudy7:18pm: I have not the slightest idea of what we are doing in Graphic Arts.
But, from now on I'm going to pay more attention.
By the way that art pad website thing is so fun! I've made like 39842 pictures.
luckyducky815894:51pm: No school tomorrow
We really need to update in hurr.
Like fo shizzles!

Does anyone know what we are doing in Graphic Arts? Because I like...forgot everything that we were recently doing....ehhh...yea

and...when are we gonna get together again?
Peace out
A town down


Go there for my awsome piece of art deticated to Graphic Arts.

Yea..I am kinda obsessed w. that artpad thing.
Current Mood: artistic

12th January 2005

luv4shojo139:42pm: Hey guys... anyone worried about the midterm for DPPD like I am?

13th December 2004

um_gosh9:23pm: okay
this is a test to see if anyone
even looks at our
dppd thing
i am starting a word association game
in case you do not know what that is, i will write one word...
then you will post the first word that comes to mind when you
see that word, then the next person will post the word that comes to mind
when they see your word.


and so on, and so on

The first word is

Current Mood: contemplative

26th November 2004

luckyducky815891:38pm: Sometimes...YOU STUPID PEOPLE IN DPPD NEED TO UPDATE!!!!!!
Yea..I am suffering from boredom. And I cannot remember what I have for homework so I decided to be the brave musketeer to actually update this dead place...so LA CU CU RACHA!!! I am updating this..

How do you think you people did on your tests?
actually...Who studied?
I studied a lil bit....And I dunno how I did... I hope I did ok...
Does anyone know what we are doing next?

I am outta here like a egg on fire
Current Mood: chipper

2nd November 2004

luv4shojo137:50pm: How is everyones project going? 2 out of 12 done for me! GO ME! Yah... I have alot of work to do... PLEASE MRS. MILLER GIVE ME AN EXTENSION! I JUST GOT THE INFORMATION YESTERDAY!

29th October 2004

luv4shojo135:21pm: alyak and I decided that Chris is the official kick bag for all PMSing girls in DPPD!

26th October 2004

luv4shojo138:24am: Hey... just wanted to see where everyone stood on the tesalation project... I'm so lost...

I hope she will let us use some class to work on it... maybe?

11th October 2004

luckyducky815899:44am: TYDXH
Its dead here...COME ON START POSTING AGAIN!!!!!!
Current Mood: annoyed

6th October 2004

racegirl16138:41am: ....

3rd October 2004

luv4shojo138:04am: Who else is trying hard to finish that report for Mr. Nick? OMG! I have so much to do in one night!

2nd October 2004

dppdgriffin5:20pm: HEY Jaime My E-Mail is V8Tornado@hotmail.com
My mom is looking for the article, Call me at 629-9325
We can talk about the report. CYA
Current Mood: chipper
wachn_angelzcry10:43am: OH CHRIS !!
we really need to finish our project
mines wiltedsoul_s8@yahoo.com
maybe we should stay after monday?

30th September 2004

dppdgriffin2:01pm: BRENDEL
Well Here we r in Brendel's "wonderful Class"
This is no Class this is A nightmare
I just got my Progress report and I have a D a 73%
I hate this Class I hate this school I hate this county I hate this State I hate this Country I hate this Continent I hate the earth I hate this Galaxy
MUST I BE HERE???????????????????????????

28th September 2004

luckyducky815899:45pm: test test test
must study for test
must study for test
must study for test
But it doenst help that I am on the computer not studying for the test..Gosh I am such a loser
Current Mood: apathetic
dppdgriffin5:08pm: Jamie
Hey Jamie it's Chris,
I'm staying after tomorrow that's when Miller is going to be there so I would make plans to stay after tomorrow> TEST TEST> WE HAVE A TEST.
Current Mood: blah
luv4shojo134:56pm: REMEMBER!

yah right...
wachn_angelzcry12:26pm: TEST TOMORROW! TEST TOMORROW!!
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